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We are experienced in artificial grass installation and artificial turf in Boca Raton FL. We have experience with lawns, patios, pool decks, backyard putting greens, and commercial.

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As a local Florida company, we're the leading artificial turf contractors in the Boca Raton area and all of Palm Beach County. If you're thinking about replacing your natural grass area with a fake grass lawn, it's a great investment and you've come to the right place.

The demand for synthetic grass is growing dramatically. It's popular because it is very durable and you can benefit from a number of advantages due to it being very low maintenance. This material is commonly used for:

Landscapes: a great option for artificial landscaping because it just requires an initial installation, and hardly any continued maintenance from watering or mowing, unliked natural grass. It can also be used in areas that are difficult to grow grass, such as shady areas that don't get sun, or steep slopes.

Lawns: residential and commercial lawns benefit because with new manufacturing and materials, looks very realistic, and there are many choices when it comes to different applications and traffic volume. If you also suffer from allergies, fake turf is a great solution, as it does not produce pollen or have the same smell as real grass.

Playgrounds: artificial turf is non-toxic and safe for children and pets to play on. In a kid's play environment, it is shock absorbent, which helps to protect children from falls and is easy to clean with water.

Sports fields: artificial turf for sports fields is a popular choice because it allows for year-round access and provides a consistent playing surface. For large fields, cost savings from water maintenance are significant and offset the initial installation cost.

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What is the Cost of Artificial Grass?

The total cost for an artificial grass installation typically ranges from $8 to $14 per square foot. A 500 square foot project may cost about $4000–$7000 dollars (depending on different factors) and is well worth the investment.

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Putting greens


Sports fields


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Residential and Commercial Synthetic Grass Installer

Artificial Grass Installation

As a home owner, you can install turf to increase the value of your home. In the long run, it's an economic landscaping solution, compared to traditional methods, and looks attractive. Whether you need synthetic grass in your front or backyard, the installation can take place over a matter of several days or weeks, depending on the size of your yard area, and the features desired in your project.

The installation of the turf itself will require ground prep work and compaction, so it acts as a stable foundation for the top layers. What go on top next are several different layers, including a compacted base, a weed prevention layer, infill, and the turf itself.

With new materials and increasing quality, artificial turf has become very realistic in appearance, and there are different options for every application. From pets to putting greens, no matter what, it will save you a lot of money for years to come because you will not need to water it or mow it. Cleaning it is easy, as you can just use a blower, and water to spray it.

If you have more questions about the installation process, don't hesitate to contact us and start the conversation for your next project.

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Experience with Turf Sports Fields

Backyard Putting Green

Golfers of all skill levels will love putting on their own turf. A backyard putting green is an easy way to enjoy the game in your back yard! You can make it from many different turf materials and course features.

With the different material selections, they all offer a realistic putting experience that promotes consistent ball roll and speed. If your backyard or resort has undulations or you require sand pits or other features, it will make for an amazing putting green you can call your own.

These mini courses are great for entertaining for friends and family. If you own a commercial resort or even want an indoor putting green, it'll be no problem for our turf installers.

Putting Green Turf differs from traditional artificial grass, so it's important to choose the right one that matches your requirements. We'll work with you to select the material that matches your vision and budget.

Even professionals practice on synthetic turf because again, it provides year-long access, and is suitable for all climates.

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What is Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass is a synthetic grass material made of nylon or polypropylene that is meant to mimic real grass. It is non-toxic material that requires little to no irrigation and lawn maintenenance.

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Installing Artificial Grass

Synthetic Grass Materials

Common materials for artificial grass are nylon and polypropylene. They give the turf a soft and natural feel that is representative of natural grass. The blades contain UV resistant additives and are colored to resemble real grass.

The layers of an installation typically include 4–6: turf, infill, weed barrier, compacted base, and compacted soil. These layers are usually nailed down together, penetrating the compacted soil, which is the native ground soil.

Even when exposed to water, you'll love that artificial turf is resistant to water, and is easy to clean, say for example if you have pets that go to the bathroom on it. The layers of the turf are also built to drain water, naturally like traditional lawns.

To save future costs on watering and mowing, invest in synthetic grass and benefit from the increase in your property value.

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The Quality Difference

Artificial Turf Products

You want your synthetic grass lawn to last for decades, and to do that, we supply only high quality turf products that look and feel realistic. The difference between the quality of a product is night and day.

Our turf materials have different pile heights, color variance and different types of infill. This makes gives structure to the grass blades so that they remain upright. Low quality turf on the other hand is too saturated in color, and feels plastic.

high quality artificial grass material

Quality artificial turf

low quality artificial grass material

Low quality artificial turf

Our Capabilities

Artificial Grass Services

We can install synthetic lawns in many applications. Speak with our team when you're looking to start a project in the Boca Raton area. You'll quickly see the benefit of choosing fake grass!

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Lawns and Landscapes

Turn your natural lawn into a synthetic lawn and save on future maintenance

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Backyard Putting Greens

Practice your putt all year with a professional backyard putting green.

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Patios and Pool Decks

Surround your patio or pool deck with fake grass areas.

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Turf Playgrounds

We can install turf for playgrounds and kid's play areas in backyards.

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Sports Fields

From soccer fields to football fields, let athletes benefit from turf.

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Play Areas for Pets

Build a fake grass area for your pet that's non-toxic and easy to clean.

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Synthetic Grass Installation Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the cost of artificial turf?

The cost range for artificial grass typically falls between $8 and $22 per square foot. To give you an idea, a 500 square foot yard can cost around $4000–$7000, and depends on the prep work and material selection.

How do you install turf?

Turf is installed by first compacting the native ground soil and then installing layer by layer the compacted gravel, weed barrier, and the turf and infill. Depending on the size of your space, this can take several days or weeks.

Can I DIY turf myself?

While you can, we always recommend hiring a professional because a quality installation will require large tools, especially for compaction. A professional will be able to make sure your turf remains in tact for years.

Are there disadvantages to turf?

Synthetic turf can have a high investment cost up front. In the Summer months, it also has a tendency to be warmer to the touch, compared to natural grass, which is cooler.

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